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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 20, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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anchor: the greg resigns, alexis tsipras has asked for fresh elections as soon as possible. his own party rebelled after austerity measures that he agreed to as part of an international bailout. newu.k. agrees to tough measures to try to do term i greg from crossing the channel tunnel, as macedonia declares a state of emergency as thousands pour across the border from greece. and france expels the party founder over a public spot with his daughter.
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who has in the, past been convicted of racism, made it to the second round of the french presidential elections in 2002. ♪ anchor: the prime minister of greece has resigned. speaking on national television, alexis tsipras said his mandate was exhausted. he faced a rebellion in his left-wing party. he won party vowing to fight the austerity measures imposed by international creditors, but has had to accept them for new bailouts. he has called for elections as quickly as possible. i spoke with natalie in athens and she told us how alexis
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tsipras had little choice but to step down. we saw the growing rebellion in the party the last round to approve the bailout, 43 of his mps opposing or abstaining from the vote, leaving him with little room to maneuver. to implement the tough measures, including difficult reforms, he needed a strong and united and party behind him, and the elections were really the only way for him to do that. and asas he is concerned far as his officials are concerned, they say they are getting a fresh mandate. they were elected to put the an measures, austerity and with this third bailout, it was a step backwards with this. they need a fresh mandate, to have the greek people really understand the ramifications of
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the program and what this means and go ahead with these reforms and come clean with the greek people. there any indication how greeks may vote in the next election in september? not,ie: believe it or alexis tsipras is extremely popular at the moment. that is why they want it to precipitate this before the painful measures were implemented. he wanted to maintain this popularity and basically get ahead in the polls. it looks like he will yet again be voted in. this time he may not even need a coalition government. anchor: natalie speaking to merely her. moving to the latest on europe's crisis, the united nations says more than a quarter million people have crossed the mediterranean from the middle east and africa the sheer,
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causing major headaches for european governments. one of the worst bottlenecks is in northern france where people have been trying to illegally board trains and vehicles bound for the u.k. today an agreement for tough new measures. we have the details from london. reporter: the french interior minister and his british counterpart have announced a big deal today. this has been signed by them on behalf of france and the united kingdom. its main objective is one of security. you have increased cctv, higher channel tunnel to stop the desperate migrants risking their lives, risking injury, and then trying to smuggle themselves illegally to reach what they perceive as eldorado, the united kingdom. also today, there will be 10 million euros over two years
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that will be given by the united kingdom to speed up asylum applications and also pushed humanitarian aid. we know that perez and london -- we knowiction that paris and london have had friction, a blame game, a public exercise, one aimed at trying to dismantle the traffickers' networks. a lot of money these traffickers, some by the way possibly british, trying to smuggle these migrants across the channel into the united kingdom. one of increased partnership between france and britain, one of much more security with british police, officers actually in france helping french counterparts. also, the intelligence services working together to dismantle the trafficking networks and stop these migrants from trying to break into the channel
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tunnel, get onto british lorries and try to stop this illicit smuggling of human beings, as europe misery faces the biggest wave of migrant since world war ii. anchor: macedonia is sending in the army to deal with migrants. refugees are using the nonmember you use state as a transit point -- the nonmember eu state as a transit on. the government has pledged to fortify its border with greece. experts say that could create a backlog of migrants in greece, where authorities are overwhelme d. an affiliate of the islamic state organization has climbed her spots ability for a bombing in cairo. 30 people including a police officers were injured in the blast. says itp sinai province is revenge for the execution of six members earlier this year.
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this has been torn from the police building after a car bomb went off in the streets outside. witnesses described how the attackers used traffic lights to time the explosions. >> a vehicle stop there at the traffic lights. they fixed the explosion on the traffic light. when it turned red, two people crossed, they got inside a vehicle, and left. three minutes later, the bomb exploded. >> the explosion happened from that direction. all i saw were flames and noise and things flying off the cars. reporter: for several blocks around the site, glass from blown out windows lies in the streets. this comes just days after the president finalize the new into terrorism law. it has been blasted by human rights groups, who have accused him of clamping down on rights.
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islamic militants launched attacks on northern sinai checkpoints, trying to seize a nearby town. this sparked fighting with egyptian soldiers, which lasted several days. election lookss set to go sooner than planned, officials as a november 1 after the prime minister fail to form a new government. the ruling party lost its majority in parliament in june. last night, he voiced his disappointment at the results. he has been accused of violating the turkish constitution and seeking to boost his own powers as president. former on the story, i'm joined by the professor of history and physical science at strasbourg university. thank you for being with us. there is some suggestion he never even wanted his prime minister to form a government without a party, all he actually
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wanted was to keep the prime minister and a party he could control. is there any truth to that? >> of course this is true. since the beginning, the symbolic power in turkey became entirely constitutionally the leader of the executive, and he has done everything in his power to not allow the formation of a coalition. his aim was to see the failure of all this work and to provoke the renewal of the elections. if not november, may be march. the difficulty today is the fact that one government has to lead through these elections. so they have to form a coalition anyway. in this coalition, there will be some ministers from the opposition parties. cheat he is trying to this through a week prime
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to change the regime to a presidential one. anchor: the latest opinion polls heldst if the election was tomorrow, the ak party would win less votes than in june. is this a gamble that could backfire? >> which is true, it is a risk. but only other hand, don't forget there is a war today. the regime in turkey provoked one step before a civil war against turks, and we don't know that he won'ta play for the nationalist votes in turkey, which is possible. so with the elections are held today, maybe he will have less seats, but we don't know what will happen until november, or until march. erdowangame, and n
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knows that he can lose. there are huge dangers of corruptions, so he is taking this risk. anchor: if we get another election in november, it will mean that turks have voted four times in just a year and a half. what is the result of all this political turmoil? >> unbelievable, you are right, in less than two years turks are voting, legitimizing an assembly in parliament. this has been accepted by one man, who was the president of the republic. it will maybe renew this. politicsisk for the and turkey is a very strategic country. just around turkey, there are walls everywhere, and within turkey there is a wall. to renew the election when there is a legitimized assembly,
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people are living in uncertainty. anchor: thank you very much indeed. >> thank you very much. anchor: in france, the far right national front has expelled their party founder, following a spat between him and his daughter, who has been trying to modernize the party's image. she summoned her father to explain comments that he made downplaying nazi gas chambers and also insulting the party. 87-year-old made it to the second round of the french presidential elections in 2002. former on that story, i'm joined by a professor at stratford -- stanford university in the united states. and she has written a book about the leader. how damaging has this been to the national front and to his chances of becoming president? beenthink it has short-term damaging in the sense
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that we are witnessing the growing pains of a party that is , withng a national party an importance it never had before. but it is coming at a moment where everybody is on vacation in france. it's the middle of august and this is actually the strategy, to try to deal with it and get rid of this problem before the upcoming elections in december. and more importantly, the presidential election in 2017. i don't think long-term it will be damaging, rather the contrary. he always claims the national front is not a racist party. she gets indignant when it is referred to as a far right party. how can she justify having kept a man of the party who has been convicted several times of ,acism and anti-semitism whether he is her father or not. >> that is the paradox.
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indeed, he has the record for condemnation in france for racist or anti-semitic comments. until now, it was not deemed a problem within the national front. this is where we see it is really a media strategy, this whole affair, excluding jean-marie le pen, the father. symbolically extremely up, the doctrine has not changed drastically, except for may be anti-semitism, which is frowned upon within the national front now. he other important thing for pen isean-marie le condemned by his daughter's he has a free voice and has been critical of herself, her ,trategy, and her counselors
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specifically the leftist strategy. pen likely to go away quietly or will he make more trouble for his daughter? >> i think you will continue to make headlines. he has been relentless trying to find any legal leverage to contest his condemnation and now exclusion. the story is not over at all. thank you very much indeed for joining us. >> thank you. anchor: police in thailand say this week's bombing in bangkok is not likely to be linked with international terrorism. investigators also claimed that chinese to worst when not the target. there has not been a claim of responsibility for the monday attack in which 20 people died. the police believe as many as 10 people were involved in its planning. there has been a rare exchange of fire between north and south korea. pyongyang committed the south end what he called propaganda
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broadcast along the border. nobody was injured, but an has sparked alarm about rising tensions. the two continents are still technically at war. p.m. and 4:12:53 militaryl time, our caught the north korean military firing upon the demarcation line. there was self-propelled artillery towards the origin of provocation. military raised the security condition to its highest degree. it is closely observing the movements of the north korean military and we are standing at the ready to counteract any additional provocation. rondae --ving to do berundi, were a bit to stay in power until 2020 sparked deadly
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in the african state. we have more. a ceremony that took the country by surprise. the reelected president was officially sworn in in the capital. there were no foreign heads of state present. several african countries as well as china and russia at least sent ambassadors. >> i will make every effort to ensure that the interests of burundi are foremost. tweetter: a simple announce the inauguration. they said the move was due to security concerns. in swearing-in is the latest this controversy all term which has plunged the country in months of political turmoil. only tuesday, four people were
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gunned down in the capital. the death came as a former army was assassinated last weekend, the second military official to be killed this month. recently, but the government and opponents have been targeted. the opposition, meanwhile, maintains for them that nk urunziza's reelection was illegal. mexico is using drone aircraft, flying over nesting grounds of the pacific coast to better monitor and protect turtle habitats. august marks the start of peak nesting season for the turtles. they are protected under mexican law, but their eggs are considered a delicacy in many states. time for a reminder of -- thetional headlines
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greek prime minister has resigned, alexis tsipras calling on the president for fresh elections as soon as possible. he was forced to step down after failed of his own party to the international measures. with tough new measures against illegal migrants as macedonia declares a state of emergency as thousands of refugees pour across the border. hasfrench national front expelled the party founder jeanmarie le pen. the87-year-old who has in past been convicted of racism and anti-semitism mated to the second round of the french presidential elections in 2002. time for the latest business news with markus karlsson in the studio. a lot of investors are looking at the oil price and asking how low it can go. markus: this as in the united states earlier thursday we did
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see prices coming down to a 6.5 .ear low, another six-year low that spells bad news for oil-producing companies as well as countries. the internationally traded brent -- trading just above $47 per hour, near levels we have not seen since 2009. brent staged a comeback earlier this year after a sharp fall last year, but it started slipping again in may, which is where we see things in august. to get more on markets, i spoke with an oil analyst with energy aspects in london and asked whether the prices close to bottoming out. he says there is still room for falls. we think there is more room on the downside for oil prices. we are still in a situation of oversupply in the global oil market and there are no signs that will change soon. the response has to be on the
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supply side. until that happens,'s prices will remain subdued. markus: what you mean by a response on the supply side? should respond to these low oil prices? momenthe key goal at the on the supply side is to make high cost action inefficient, or at least unprofitable. highest cost producers in the world are currently based in north america, the u.s. shield producers and the canadian oil producers -- the u.s. shale producers. the oil prices need to remain low enough to dissent defies oi l shale. there are also high cost users in north america that will be suffering at the moment. markus: what do you think the pain threshold is? when will we see production coming down because of these low oil prices? >> it is an interesting
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question, we have had quite low oil prices from a urinary been very few signs of a slowdown. producers have been much more resilient. part of this is because they have hard money at low rates. also they have improved efficiencies and started drilling for oil in premium oil patches. as long as they do that, they will survive longer. but many of them are still losing money. this yearerhaps in q4 you will start to cd kleins and u.s. shale productions and then you will see declines elsewhere. -- you'll start to see declines in u.s. shale productions and then you will see declines elsewhere. markus: he was talking about the most recent oil price falls. kazakhstan is suffering from the low oil prices as their
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currency lost more than a quarter of its value in just hours. the sharp drop came as authorities announced they would drop their efforts to prop up the currency. alongsider pressure, the wider economy is low oil prices dampen growth. is also suffering as china and other countries have devalued their currencies. the currency markets and the oil markets have contributed to a cocktail of, well, a pretty bleak session this thursday when it comes to global stocks. we saw european shares trading sharply down, similar picture for the frank furred fax and ftse 100, also slipping. was seen as taking its cue from asia where the shanghai composite was down, another bad day for that chinese index. stateside, we are also seeing the indices trading to the
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downside, a broad-based move to the downside this session with the dow jones industrial average this hour, the nasdaq and s&p 500 falling to their lowest levels in more than a month overall. moving to france, president francois hollande has sent a message to beleaguered taxpayers, pledging that taxes will come down after several years of rising. going for growth, during a visit to a factory in the france southeast, francois hollande announced lower taxes for 2016. he is betting that a stronger economy will give him leeway. expecting great growth. there will be lower taxes next year. we are working on the question of the size of that reduction, which will depend on the growth we reach in 2016. the president's
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optimistic after a stronger than usual first quarter. the economy stood still between april and the end of june. still, officials are confident 2015 will see an overall 1.8% growth rate followed by 1.5% in 2015. yup petition is crying foul. >> i cannot tell if this is amateur politics or plain irresponsible. reporter: millions of lower earning families have seen their income taxes go down in recent years. but that is not the case for the middle-- four upper income households. in 2014, the french government morered 2.8 billion euros than the year before. relative to the size of its economy, france has the second-highest taxes in europe after denmark. a few other stories we
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are watching, greece has cleared a 3.4 billion euro payment to the european central bank, the transfer made after eurozone countries agreed to send a financial lifeline in return for economic reforms. greece is now in its third bailout raymond five years. the focus is shifting to politics in athens as prime mi8úxú
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